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🌏We understand that times of late have caused concern, uncertainty and stress to many of our customers and the public. You can rest assured that Electric Fever are doing all we can to keep our customers, staff and their families safe with minimal disruption to our everyday work. 🏠Our job involves us coming into your …
💧Humidity is hard to escape (especially living here in Queensland)🥵, whether it’s muggy air that clings to your skin or legs that stick to the car seat. Besides comfort, humidity can impact your health and the life of your home—especially when mold and fungi enter into the equation. 🦠 Besides being linked to respiratory problems—such as …
Viktor is carrying out some major services today to get these AC’s into tip top shape and running efficiently so these customers can stay cool this summer. Give us a call to book your service now! ☎️ 07 3333 2334